Twitchr walk at dawn…

Well – a few of us decided to get up super early and go back to Ham Wall for 6am Sunday morning… and we were hugely rewarded by the awesome sight of 600 000 Starlings getting up and leaving their roost… We joined up with Tony again, who was brilliant at identifying species by their call. We stopped and listened to the reeds en route to where we knew the starlings were roosting and heard the clear beautiful song of the cetti’s warblers, the pig-like screeching of water rail, the subtle bleating sounds of snipe, and the familiar quacking laugh of the mallards. As we approached the reedbed full of starlings – a bustling white noise started to occupy the sonic background – which grew and grew in volume… we found a good spot and set equipment up… here is Tony recording with Mark, Mark and Jon, watching and taking pictures.

and further along – here is Matt Davies with his audio setup

Here is a still frame from the video I shot.

and here is the stunning recording made by Tony – listen to it all the way through… it’s amazing.

The recording is also on the twitchr map if you zoom into the area just west of Glastonbury and just south of Meare and press play.

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