Starling Walk Meeting Point

If you are coming along to the Starling walk tomorrow – here are the details…

The starlings are currently roosting at RSPB site Ham Wall. Here are the details of how to get there… (it is about a 1 hour drive from Bristol)

Firstly – I need to fill you in on a few practical details… It seems like starling watching is getting more and more popular  – which is great – but this means there is less room in the reserve’s carpark! Ashcott road currently has traffic cones along each side of it – so it’s not possible to park there if the carpark is full. If the carpark is totally full up when you arrive – you could go over to Glastonbury and enter the reserve from the other side. There are only about 3 spaces at this entrance, but more are available on the road further up or down – but this means more walking from your car to the reserve. Or park further away and make time for a nice walk to the reserve.

Ham Wall is a really wonderful place for a walk and look around – so it would be a great idea to get yourselves there as early as you can.

On the map below – ‘Viewing Point 2’ is about 20 minutes walk from the carpark on Ashcott rd, and also about 20 minutes walk from the Glastonbury entrance to the reserve (Sharpham Lane).

I will be at the Ashcott road entrance to the reserve at 2:45pm to then walk to ‘viewing point 2’,  but – just incase we are dispersed around the site, or parked at different places  – I suggest we aim to be at ‘Viewing Point 2’  at 3:15pm…

the starlings will start coming in from around 15:45 / 16:00  – but they could be earlier or later.

The footpath is flat and easy to walk along, but wear suitable walking shoes, wrap up warm, bring some water, or a flask of something warmer…

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