Twitchr is a participatory on-line and off-line artwork that combines bird watching, social networking and graphic scores.

Play the map and trigger samples of birdsong recorded all over the world. Customise the playback settings to alter how you experience the soundscape. Include music box notes to discover what tunes the map markers can create by being read like a player-piano scroll.

Sign up or log in to upload your own recordings of birdsong onto the map and add to Twitchr’s evolving, generative soundscape. If only want to upload part of your recording, audacity is a useful free audio editor. If you want to try and identify which bird you have seen and recorded, there is an excellent bird identifier on the RSPB website here.

Twitchr bird-walks are organised to bring people together to listen and record birdsong. The next walk will take place at Sound:Site, Sonic Arts Festival at South Hill Park, 3rd October 2010 as part of a presentation on Twitchr by Kathy Hinde and Ed Holroyd. This new version of Twitchr (Version 1.1) has been created specially for Sound:Site. Previous Twitchr walks include a starling spotting walk on the Somerset Levels in November 2009 with local ecologist Lisa Thomas.

Keep checking this site to play the latest Twitchr soundmap, find out about Twitchr walks and explore the new Twitchr features and developments.

Twitchr Version 1.0 (Launched October 2009) invited you use twitter to upload photos of starlings and mark the location where it was spotted on a map of Somerset. The evolving map of markers could then be played like a musical score by each photo marker triggering a music box note or starling tweet Рgiving a louder voice to the starlings of Somerset and new tunes to sing. Starlings are known to imitate the tunes they hear and they are RSPB red-listed, and need protecting. Twitchr aims to bring the plight of Somerset starlings to the wider public. Twitchr Version 1.0 was commissioned by Thrive Somerset for the launch of somersetarts.com with support from The Merlin Theatre, Frome.