Upload to Twitchr with Audioboo

You can take part in twitchr by uploading your own recordings of birds using Audioboo. Audioboo is a free mobile & web platform that effortlessly allows you to record and upload audio for anyone in the world to hear.

You can upload through the Audioboo website or by using the Audioboo iPhone app. An Audioboo app for android is being developed.

When uploading recordings via Audioboo, add the tag ‘#twitchr’ and they will appear on the twitchr map. We recommend samples of 30 seconds or less for the twitchr map. You also need to make sure that your uploads are geotagged. You can add more than one tag to each upload, tags must start with a ‘#’.

You can upload an image and description with your audio.

Find out more about Audioboo by watching the introductory video below.

Visit the Audioboo website Get the Audioboo app